Rafa and I meet up in Barbate at the municipal pool. We’ve decided to start training as from the 1st. of September, that’ll give us 11 or 12 months of preparation for the swim. The pool in Vejer is closed for repairs, Barbate seems a good option, the pool is one the Vejer side of town almost overlooking the pines of the Las Breñas Parque Natural.

The pool is shut. Shut until the 16th.

“Rafa, I’m going to start my training proper in October. Being realistic I’ve got too much on – it’s still high season at work, I’ve got 3 new projects that need my attention and I’m getting married in 28 days time”. Seems like a good enough set of excuses.

“Tio, o empezamos ahora o empezamos nunca. Venga vamos a dejarlo 2 semanas pero el día que abre la piscina estamos aquí un minimo de 3 días a la semana – ¿Que te parece?”.

And of course he’s right, it’ll just be too easy to delay and never start the training until it’s way too late. My pulse quickens a bit, yes, that’s the thing, I’m slowly beginning to twig all of this. The more I focus on something else the more it takes me away from my work obsession and that can only be a good thing.