Lago di Como

Exhausted! We arrive in Como 2 days after the wedding. It wasn’t the wedding that exhausted us, it was organising the entire wedding ourselves that exhausted us. So finally this is the first break after a very heavy tourist season on top of it all. 

We arrived late after flying in from Milan, dinner, bed, breakfast and back to bed. I don’t think I’ve ever gone back to bed after breakfast. Well it was my honeymoon, unfortunately I simply slept until lunchtime.

How stunning is deep blue Lake Como. Surrounded by a ring of snow capped peaks with semi tropical vegetation along the lakeshore. The depth of the lake (450m.) and the sheer volume of water on the 146km. long lake act as a giant mild radiator absorbing the heat of the hot summers and slowly releasing it throughout the year, Of course it gets cold, this is transalpine of course, but the lake itself never freezes its mild warmth keeping the lush gardens filled with a luxuriant  vegetation including strelitzia, trachycarpus, vines, fig, pomegranate, olive, chestnut, and adelfa (oleander). 

We’re staying in Lezzeno a 20 minute drive south of Bellagio, famous for it’s palazzo’s, lakeside beauty, cobbled streets and George Clooney. This is our third time here.  Every time we visit Bellagio we like to drop in on George for a catch up. However every time we visit he’s out. Out for a coffee apparently. (That’s Ellie’s joke ha ha).

Our hotel is right on the water’s edge with views across to Menaggio where we spent New Year with the girls a couple of years ago.  Not only can I almost dive in to the lake from our room terrace but there’s a private plunge pool too. Perfect.  The water is so clear and blue I just want to dive in straight away however after a wonderful pasta and parmesan heavy meal in the Restaurante Suisse in Bellagio a siesta seems a better option.