Out for the count

Damn and double damn. I’ve come down with a flu, the same one that’s laid Ellie out for the last 4 days. 

Here’s hoping that my doses of cold swims and fitness will keep it at bay and my super fast white blood cells do their job faster than they did to Ellie. Just as I was starting to feel a little bit good about my fitness. (Tear emoji).

It seems like at least once a year I get a lurgy, just hoping that on this occasion it s the only one I get. Swimming is pretty unrepentant about knocking back fitness levels pretty quickly. Taking the responsible approach I looked up some info online. After all swimming isn’t like cycling or running where your medium isn’t swilling around everyone else. 

‘Firstly you run the risk of exposing other people to the cold. The germs and other bacteria thrive in a warm, damp environment. The possibility of spreading infection in the water is high and can cause other people to become sick. You might think that the chlorine would kill all of the bacteria, and it does to an extent. However it’s quite surprising how some bacteria can survive. That’s how waterborne illnesses and diseases are spread.’