Sage advice

A whole week without a swim or exercise. I shook the flu after 2 days but I’ve been left with a cough and the occasional snivel. I feel like I’m going through cold turkey with the deprival of the water. Rafa and I had planned a big swim on Friday, 4km. from Playa de Yerbabuena (sic) to Barbate beach. I probably could have crawled to the beach however Good Snowy / Bad Snowy had a little spat on my conscience and Good Snowy won. It seems expedient to not go swimming, not tire myself put with a swim or a bike ride and get myself 100% fit.

It seems I’m too sensible to say f*** off to common sense

I picked up this interesting myth bunking online cold myths written by Professor John Oxford, virologist from Queen Mary, University of London –

1 Feed a cold, starve a fever
It’s never a good idea to starve yourself unless you’re vomiting and can’t keep food down. Keep eating a healthy, balanced diet. Whether you have a fever or cold, it’s vital to keep drinking to avoid becoming dehydrated.

2 Vitamin C can prevent flu
It offers little protection against colds for the ordinary population, say researchers who reviewed 30 trials involving 11,000 people.

3 The flu vaccine gives you flu
The vaccine is made from an inactivated virus so you can’t get flu from it. At worst, the jab might leave you with a sore arm or a slight fever.

4 Never kiss someone with a cold
It is very hard to catch a cold by exchanging saliva as the virus travels in the mucus from the respiratory system. Unless you have a bad cough and some of the respiratory mucus has made its way into your saliva, the cold virus will not be transmitted by kissing.

5 If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold
You could go outdoors with wet hair every day and wouldn’t catch a cold, provided you didn’t see anyone else who had one. You catch colds from people, not the elements.

6 You’ll get sick if you don’t wrap up warm
Even if you’re cold and shivering there is no greater chance of getting sick than if you are warm and comfortable.

7 A hot toddy will help your cold
Alcohol suppresses the immune system, leaving you potentially more prone to viral infections.

8 You should stop exercising if you get a cold
Listen to your body. If you want to swim or go to the gym and feel well enough and your symptoms are all above your neck, it’s fine. However if you start feeling ill, stop.

I’ve been listening to my body but tomorrow I’m going for a run!