Zip jammed

Solitary swim in Los Caños this evening out to the reef. Jammed wetsuit zip meant I had to go in my shortie as there was no-one around to help me. I tried everything including shutting the door on my zip tag (not easy – back to door, tie a knot in the tag so it won’t pull through the door jamb, throw the tag over the door jamb while not being able to see or reach backwards, push back the door with my butt while trying to not actually rip the tag off the zip, then lower myself very carefully assuring a straight vertical alignment of the zip, desperately trying not to rip the neoprene as my body weight is far heavier than the natural action of an arm pulling on a zip). Did it work? No. This never happened to James Bond.

The sun come down sooner than expected so I headed back to the car feeling very chilly. Beautiful sunset though.