Pipa, Brasil

January 4th – best shot of the year ha ha!

I couldn’t resist posting this photo as the other the other side of this stretch of ocean (NNW by my calculation) is my local beach of El Palmar. It was the most blissful morning on this 3rd. day of our third honeymoon. As ever in the tropics the sun is up early which suited me just fine and I sneaked out of our bungalow amongst its stands of palms, giant cycas, strelitzias and mango trees on to the local beach. This photo was taken on the happily named ‘Praia do Amor’ with surf shacks, mobile barbecues cooking corn on the cob and even a beachside library. At this time of the morning though it was almost deserted. The photograph is completely untouched, that was the colour of the morning sky and the cloud hid behind the lonely coconut palm at just the right time.