The world’s No.1 sunset (apparently)

Tibau del Sul, another entirely unfiltered photo

One of the world’s great sunsets apparently. A thousand people came to the clifftop to watch it go down in Tibau do Sul and all the bars simultaneously changed the merengue beat for soaring Wagner, Beethoven or Puccini. Quite an evening overlooking the Lago das Guarairas.

I have been having a long discussion with myself about my training regime while here in Brazil – here is my rationale on cutting back on the exercise;

a. I’m on holiday

b. I’m on my honeymoon (a different sort of training :-))

c. I’m supposed to be relaxing

d. It’s just too hot to go for a run unless I get up very early – dawn patrol with the marmosets and the guy that cleans the pool

e. The waves, currents, tides, jellyfish (are there any?) all make swimming distances in an unknown place a bit troublesome

f. We’ve discovered a great place for Caipirinhas and Piña Coladas. Why ruin a great cocktail having to think about training the next morning? (Ellie says this should be at the top of the list).