The state of my hands and feet after 5 days kiting. The toes are from burning my feet on the sand walking to the water from the kite school. I couldn’t believe it later in the day when I realised my feet had blistered, I’ve walked on hot sand before but never blistered my feet. The following day the blisters burst and I had to walk along a lot more sand so of course the skin got all churned up, the warm water doesn’t help and everything got a bit festery but not infected. It’s curtailed my pool time somewhat but as I have my kite mission in hand I feel I have to carry on.  Soldier!

Eduardo the kitemaster was impressed by my hands. “That’s cool man. Worn fingers are good, it shows you are using your fingertips to control the bar not your fist. Still dude, I think you need to spend more time in the water and less at the desk” he finished with a laugh.