Kiting with dolphins

Barra de Cunhau, high tide on the inside. Kiting with a hat on!

Last days kitesurfing at Barra de Cunhau. My 6th. day on the water, mission accomplished as far as improving my strapless skills. I had an amazing session across the bay from Eduardo’s kite school. I managed to overcome the tide pouring out from the lagoon and aimed for some shore break waves on a completely deserted beach, postcard perfect with white sand and palm trees hanging over the water. To my astonishment 2 dolphins came up beside me, somehow I wasn’t shocked (not as petrified as the time I was surfing in Muizenburg, Cape Town, when a seal popped up about a metre from my board. We’d been warned about Great Whites constantly and my eyes were so strained from scouring the water I wasn’t looking at my feet when suddenly this sleek head shot up, looked at me with huge brown eyes and those long lashes that seals have and then disappeared again. I think my heart skipped quite a few beats). I was on a reach heading off shore and the two grey friends cruised beside me for a minute (I was probably doing 25kts.) then belted off at a much greater speed. That was a dream moment.

Today I spent 2 hours kiting but yesterday an all time record with 46km. and almost 3 hours on the water and my feet were still sore from the blisters of a couple of days ago. I fell asleep to the cadence of waves and slept heavily while dreaming of smiling dolphins.

We leave for home tomorrow, I’ll be missing that warm water…

A giant bat (about the size of a pheasant) enjoys our pool