Killer ride

Out with Oscar Olivier on the Fat bikes. Man that was tough, I really felt it after 6 weeks without a ride and Oscar very fit, technically good and about 15 years younger than me. Turned the tables on the ride I had with Rafa and Chris (Chris King, occasional Vejeriego and fellow hotelier) back in December. Oscar does not stop. Will not stop, he’s the original Duracell bunny and just goes on and on and on…

A quite stunning ride though, almost entirely off piste taking me through parts of Las Breñas I didn’t know and frankly would have thought impossible on a bicycle. It felt like early spring, the sun with a bit of strength in it and not a breath of wind, just the occasional cloud scudding high overhead. Wild grasses and garlic were pushing up everywhere, the sand soft on the tracks but firm under the carpets of pine needles. The ride from the Torre Trafalgar down was a whoop of delight, so fast and fun on rushing tracks, narrow and steep in places with superb carved banks allowing one to fly through the corners at good speed with good traction.

The return ride from Cañada del Alamo very tough. A long slow uphill, my breath was okay, legs a bit tried, one of my knees aching a bit. However well Fat bikes work nevertheless they are tough on the body because the effort of pushing 20kg. of bike through sand while pedalling takes it out on the knees. My right foot giving me hell as usual as the pressure problem I have with skiing reappears after a few hours on the bike too. Nevertheless a great ride, I don’t think I held Oscar up too much and I’ve realised I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to riding on technical uphills!

26km. in 2’29” with a top speed of 54km/h and an average of 9,9km/h.