I ache SO much!

And I thought I was fit, at least reasonably fit. Nothing prepared me though for not being able to get out of bed due to the complete stiffness in my legs. SHOCKING. Those repeated lunges and star jumps and heavy ropes I had to drag across the gym were one thing but I think Fernando was having a joke to himself when he said “ahora chicos, la ahora de hacer tracciones”. Rafa and I looked at each other in horror. Pull ups! Rafa pushed me on the shoulder “tu no tienes problemas – yo tengo 40 kilos más encima”. Which is true, my swim partner is a wee bit larger than me, but then he has huge shoulders and I have normal ones. Maybe when all this is over I’ll have them somewhere in between. Without the jiggly bits that Rafa has.

Cartoon Pull-ups Animated Gifs

I almost enjoyed it at the time even though half the exercises were just way beyond me. It was good to be out of the weights area that’s for sure. There were some huge guys pushing a lot of iron. They made me feel very puny but then I thought to myself they’d probably drown if they had to swim more than a kilometre. Crossing to Africa? They’d be more likely crap themselves with the idea of the orcas and churning propellers. Perhaps it would be more sensible to stay in the gym. Pause for thought.