Conil to El Palmar again

Arriving on the beach at El Palmar

Conil to El Palmar swim with Rafa, first part of our Conil to Tarifa challenge.

Second time in 2 weeks I’ve done this swim, the first a few days before I came down with my ghastly flu. The photo (a screen grab) was at the end of the swim coming on to the beach at EP. I’ve posted a comparison between my two swims 15 days apart. Horrible heart graph in the second swim. Not only was it a lot slower but it looks like I’ve eaten a kangaroo and it’s bouncing my heart around. I was admittedly feeling awful, god knows why, I made a mistake of having a beer before lunch forgetting that I was going swimming and then a mix of tuna, anchoas and risotto with Ellie just before the swim. I felt as though I was seasick and seriously considered packing the swim in less than halfway through but I didn’t want to set a precedence for either Rafa or I so I struggled on to the end.

Some saved screen grabs of the deleted videos

Got home having got some nice evening GoPro images and then managed to delete the whole lot. Numbskull or what!!! I even ran my Mac cleaner and thus erased the whole lot permanently. Ach well you live and learn I guess. I’ll just have to go and do the swim a third time!