More pain!

More pain! Bloody man never slows down or even stops for a drink or a pee or even to enjoy the view. A bike ride with Oscar is akin to climbing Everest without the frostbite. Ouch, really felt it today, he was so much faster than me. The gym session this morning didn’t help either, a full morning at work, running through meetings then a swift bit of an old piece of cake at home then on the bike. After the ride home, shower and then up to work at the Jardín for 3 hours. I ate a full meal, soup, Lebanese chicken, and then a strawberry mousse thing. Slept well!!

Fat Bike in sand – 27,85km. Time 2’43”. Ave. heart beat 122bpm.

Max speed 44km/h – this may not seem fast but when you’re riding 44km/h down very narrow sandy tracks with multiple woody trunks of umbrella pines lining the track believe me the heart races. One mistake and you won’t be felling that tree with your head, it’ll be felling you then laughing with its mates while watching the sunset from above, “Foolish humans, us trees we were here long before they were.” (Fade out to faint sound of chainsaws in the background).