Feeling the burn

Definitely feeling the burn this week but also progress with my fitness. To sum up I’ve had 3 gym sessions of 1’10” each, 2 swims one of 2,000m. the other of 2,300m. and a bike ride of a solid 2’30”.

Lying in bed this Sunday morning taking a day off from exercise. Where I feel it most surprisingly is in my shoulders as I was completely burnt out on the bike ride I thought I’d feel it more there in Friday morning. Actually I got up and went to the gym at 8.30 thinking that I’d be a walking Mummy walking stiffly in plaster in reality I felt quite nimble. This was the first indication that the gym sessions were starting to work.

The previous 5 sessions have all been followed by muscle tightness in my waist and thighs, my shoulders less so but we’re starting to work those as I really  need to develop some shoulders for the Straits swim, that’s the original point of the gym but actually now I realise that its helping me overall.

Surfing in El Palmar with Isabella at the weekend

I might have to curtail so much Fat Bike riding and stick to Mbk or simply not go out with Oscar. His problem (for me) is that he simply does not stop, he’s like a Duracell bunny and doesn’t even drink water. It’s such a constant slog on the FatbBike too as the rolling resisintace is so high sometimes I’m even pedalling downhill!

I’m using muscles I’ve never used before at the Gym, Fernando working me super hard. He seems to think I’m okay physically in an all round fashion but must laugh at my weight pushing abilities. My pull-ups were dismal, I managed 5 but only 3 of them fully o my own. Maybe I’ll make that my target – 10 pull ups by September. But by then I’ll be 58 – I’ll be doing my hardest to be going forward instead of backwards. :-/