Exhausted in Surrey

A brief visit to visit my dad in the U.K. Took a moment to go for a swim at Farnham Leisure Centre which was not at all leisurely. As usual I lost count of my lengths so just swam against the clock. 58 minutes hard swimming I must have swum at least 2,800m. going on last Monday’s results.

My heart rate went off the scale – 100% in the red zone, average 205bpm. Surely some mistake in the metrics. Having trouble being consistent with my breathing. I’ve been bilateral pretty well but today the last 1,000m. I had to breathe on every stroke, I feel I need to consult with an expert on the subject.

After that showered with 7 children, two of them ginger haired. Felt very weird these English communal showers.

After that I went to a carpet shop to look for samples for the house in Scotland. All very Home Counties other than showering with two gingers.