Unsettling news

Dawn patrol swim with Rafa crossing the Barbate bay in front of the town beach. Unsettling news listening while in the car. There are now Covid-19 deaths in Spain – it was only a couple of weeks ago that the news from Italy seemed a long way away and today I hear there have been 8 fatalities in Madrid. They say that warm weather kills the virus so with this fabulous weather we’ve been having here perhaps that will keep the beast at bay.

Boy that water felt cold going in, although the days have been warm the sun is still too low to warm the sea and the night time temperatures have been around 10-12ºC. Thank god for my gloves and ginger hat! Anyway we swam 2,700m. I felt I could easily have done more but both Rafa and I have to go to work. For him he’s off to the horse event at Montenmedio and I’m going to go to the office to talk about the coronavirus. It’s time we need to take this as a potential threat to business if it spreads to Andalucía.