The last swim

Last swim today as the country goes in to quarantine. Quarantine of course comes from the Italian cuaranta giorni when in the Middle Ages ships in Venice coming in to port with suspected diseases went in to ‘lock down’ for forty days. Meanwhile all on board invariably perished, the few who got out were immune. Let’s hope that being virus free in Vejer we will stay that way.

I parked up in Las Dunas car park, still a few cars around, the lock down hasn’t really hit home yet. The sea was very calm, a couple of surfers off the apartments who I only saw the backs of as I was swimming about 500m. off shore. As I turned towards the beach near the ‘laja’ (a long reef off the main beach exposed at mid to low tide) a current against me forced me to swim so hard I thought I was going to be pushed back in to the open sea. I remember reading on somebody’s blog about swimming for an hour in the same place while crossing the Strait due to a heavy head current. I hadn’t paid much attention to the tides but next time I’ll make sure the tide is coming in rather than going out!

Who knows when I or anybody else will be able to swim again. Tearful emoji.