Having a blast!

Wind? More wind? After a winter and spring with virtually no levante winds we had all been lulled in to a sense of false security. It’s been blowing a consistent F7 gusting 8 for five days now stripping the soil of moisture, curling vine leaves vine leaves and hurling geranium pots from balconies to crash spectacularly on pavements below. Unwitting newbies to this area spend vast sums on roof top pergolas just to have them torn to shreds in a couple of days. Ha ha say us smug die hards, we know better.

Still no swimming for our cross channel challenge so it’s back in the water for a lesson in survival techniques. “Bring your helmet – the one that isn’t cracked” says François ominously. We load up boards and head for the Wave chiringuito on Los Lances beach. If Tarifa is the windiest place in southern Europe then what the hell are we doing here? François admits later that that was the strongest wind he’d ever been out in on a ‘downwind’ – great I thought to myself, glad I didn’t know that as I am a complete newbie to this latest craze of jumping on a paddle board in a strong wind and using the wind and waves to push you as fast as possible down the coast. Not only that I had a huge heavy board which as the wind picked up to over 50kts. kept getting under the windward side and throwing me happily in to the water. Anyway enough chat, here’s the video with as much footage as I could grab while being at the back of the group. Kate de Pfyffer beat us all, she was completely unfazed by the experience and went back the next morning to do it all again :-).