A special morning in the water

Am I going backwards? Last week I swam around Cape Trafalgar and today I’ve swum back to the beginning if you see what I mean. Well nobody ever said that we had to swim from Conil to Tarifa in chronological order.

Today is the 4th. stage of the swim and I feel as though from now on we’ll pick up momentum and by the end of next week we’ll be in Barbate, avoiding the fishing boats as they course out of the port for boquerones or tuna, the two extremes of local fishing. Today Rafa and I swam with Chris Keightley-Pugh long time friend and Gibraltar resident where apparently even at this time of year the water is “very very cold compared to here”.

We managed 3,534m. today – “the longest 1,5km. I’ve ever swum!” exclaimed Chris as we neared Cape Trafalgar. Shucks I sure got my maths wrong this morning. Happily he’s fit as a fiddle and Rafa and I just swam along in his wake so happy that today the water was crystal clear and we had a great view of the sea bed and abundant sea life wriggling around below us. A perfect start to the day.