My very own aquarium

It seems ages ago that I last posted on my blog – I haven’t stopped swimming it’s just that I have been justifiably distracted by kids back to school, business plummeting (but then levelling off – sigh of relief), holidays (where to go in the COVID era? – next post swimming in Portugal); writers fatigue after spending too long trying to decipher my journal entries stained with campfire tea, smudged with desert sand and blotted with damp winter snow. So on the eve of new restrictions in Andalucía it’s time to immerse myself again in the watery world of the ocean and the dusty footsteps of the hills.

My very own aquarium…

The Punta Camarinal swim in September was the stuff dreams are made of – forget the mermaids and sea creatures – this was the happy reality of swimming with shoals of fish in warm crystal clear waters. There is a very selfish pleasure to swimming from the Playa del Cañuelo because just getting there has the form of a secret adventure. Locals (me included!) haplessly try not to tell their visiting friends about this beach a half hour walk through pine woods and sand dunes to a small bay quite hidden behind the sea cliffs of Camarinal Point. From the Tarifa side the clear waters and white sand are protected by the borders of the Parque Natural del Estrecho and the nearest river flows in to the sea 6km. away in Zahara de los Atunes. The deep shelf and the lack of river wash help keep the waters of Camarinal crystal clear and a happy place for the fish and some of the best swimming on this coast.