Last swim of the year

What a way to start the day! Probably the only frost of the year heralds an early morning start. The beach is of course deserted, a couple of stray dogs and a chilled spliff smoking Los Caños hippy the only witnesses to the last dip of the year.

“Sois locos los escoceses!” exclaims Ignacio with a breath of cold steam as we walk across the damp icy dunes to the shore. “Pero valientes!” I reply. The tide is as far out as I’ve ever seen it, the water looking quite enticing as I know it will feel warmer than the morning air. The lighthouse, never changing in its white cloak, our constant friend who’s accompanied me on so many swimming adventures this year.

I squint a bit in the morning light looking south. Yes Africa is still there, a faint blur on the horizon. We missed our chance in 2020 to swim there and I ask myself would I have been fit enough anyway?

Not all has been so bad this year. New friends and fresh, challenging life experiences that somehow I (and the global we) have managed to overcome. With space in my training regime I’ve calmed down in the water and learnt how to enjoy the swim and to revel in the watery medium that a part of my life has become.

It’s not about getting there I’ve learnt, it’s the journey that’s important.

Hogmanay swim 2020