The deeper you get, the deeper you get – the Adventure Journal comes to Cape Traflagar

The Adventure Journal issue 22 – September 2021

I’m so happy my article ‘Death (and survival) on the Cape’ from June last year was picked up by Steve Casimoro of the fabulous Adventure Journal. This is such a great magazine featuring independent writers in a large quality format with first class photography. Of course much of the credit goes to Antonio Bellido for his amazing photographs.

This was an outstanding moment for me from 2020. For everybody, everywhere, last year was the most abysmal, depressing and often desperate year. I took my mind off everything by swimming and it was happenstance that Antonio was in the area (his home is Sevilla) and the conditions aligned perfectly for the swim – courageous or foolhardy depending on your point of view.

Antonio was my spotter, the number of the coastguard (who had just launched a brand new boat I definitely didn’t want to try) firmly tapped in to his mobile in his back pocket. We were in provincial lockdown, other than a couple of fishermen we had the coast to ourselves (as you can see from the photo). Once I set off the only spectators were the sentinels of the ruined medieval pirate watchtower and the newer 19th.C lighthouse that dominate the coastline here.

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